JOELENE HILL – The Studio, founded in January 2014, is the island’s leading creative hair, make-up and fashion styling workshop. We draw on the imagination and flair of our team of hair stylists, colourists and make-up artists to create beautifully bespoke coloured hair and effortless style for discerning clients.

The design of our unique St Helier building reflects the ethos of the brand. We collaborated with our architect-builder to use locally sourced and up-cycled raw materials throughout the building, styled and constructed as part of a coherent and original vision. The lack of embellishment in the building reflects the organic ethos in our day-to-day creativity. We aim to achieve a bespoke, polished, look enhancing the hair’s natural colour as opposed to covering it.

This is the JOELENE HILL methodology and we aim to make it seamless throughout the studio and the services we provide. We look forward to welcoming you.


At Joelene Hill, we offer innovative hair and make-up styling, specialising in freehand colouring. We use a Balayage technique, derived from the french word, meaning “to sweep”. This technique involves hand smudging and blending of colour, rather than traditional foiling, to create a subtlety that compliments the hair’s natural tones, achieving a completely bespoke and beautiful result.

Not only will this creative technique leave you with a unique colour, but it leaves the hair in a much healthier state.

“The possibilities are endless with this technique, soft and natural, a ‘beachy’ feel, or a brighter look, you can create anything, the beauty is, with this type of artisry the hair will always look fresh, and not overdone. It’s also so low maintenance, which is why it’s so popular.”

We are also happy to discuss other options on an individual basis; if you are unsure of anything, please do drop us a line, or pop in to the studio.

“What I love to do is create a truly fresh look, whether it is with colour or style. I really like things to appear rather raw and in their natural state – but with a little bit of polishing.”