New Season….




A capsule collection of Essentials to help you create the big bouncy luscious hair you’ve always wanted…


Step 1: pre cleanse and treat with Ayurvedic Apothecary coconut oil we love this one because the oil has been infused with Ylang-ylang and Brahmi rose.

This oil ritual will balance the scalp, hydrate the strands and prepare the hair for the shampoo.. not to mention it smells like heaven!!!


Step 2: cleanse (properly) using a product that is going to cleanse sufficiently but not going to strip the hair of the natural oils, so find something sulphate free and not bulked up with any nasty’s. Intelligent nutrients Pure Luxe shampoo fits the brief perfectly, certified organic and infused with

Lemongrass and pumpkin seed oil


Step 3: condition (lightly) remember that you have pre treated so contrary to popular belief the hair does not need a heavy coating after the shampoo. Something lightweight will hydrate with out weighing the hair down. Pure Luxe conditioner worked through the lengths and ends will ensure you are hydrated to the max without that heavy residue.


Step 4: style: enhance body and bounce with a volumizing product, (this is key) we test tried both a spray and a good old foam both great but I think for long hair the Shu Uemura Ample Angora wins, a ping pong ball amount in the palm of your hand, evenly distributed throughout the hair. Not just on roots, let it melt in to the lengths and ends this will help hold that bounce all the way down the hair not just at the root.

Flip your hair upside down and get those roots moving with your dryer.

When you are 85% dry, split hair in to 4 big sections, 2 in front of the ear 2 behind. Work in a round barrel brush to smooth over each section.


Step 5: shine on and go… 1 light spritz of the shine spray or serum, (but ensure its light.. you don’t want to un do all of your hard work with anything greasy J) big, bouncy and glossed, ready to run out the door.